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Meet  New People Chat, Create, and play Games. Currently has The Largest Virtual Goods Catalog,of more than 30 million itemes.

Feature Benefit #1

The Company Contains its own Economy with a currency system based on Virtual "credits" and "promo credits" Credits can be purchased online using actual currency directly from the Company.

Feature Benefit #2

A third form of currency also exists for creators, known as "developer tokens" which are earned when a User purchases an item with "promo credits".

Feature Benefit #3

There are secand form of currency distributed to members by the Company and can be obtained by participating in various "partner" promotions as well as a few activities the Company provides.


Meet New People in 3D Chat in 3D, hang out and have fun in thousands of animated 3D rooms. With tens of thousands of new people joining IMVU each day, you'll never run out of new people to meet.

Shop and Dress Up in Style Pick your look and shop IMVU's catalog of more than 6 million items. Browse for the latest clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, and more. Try on anything you want for free.

It's fun and easy. Design and Decorate Your Space Create the experience you've always wanted. Pick your scene, furniture and accessories and then use them to decorate your own 3D space. Invite other members to visit your room. Host your own party!

Make and Sell Your Own Designs Share your creativity! Create your own 2D and 3D designs, and sell them right in IMVU's catalog. You can make fashion, furniture, rooms and more. Become a star designer and post your creations in the IMVU catalog.

How old do you have to be to sign up for IMVU?

IMVU's core members are young adults age 18-24, however, many members are older. In fact, 7% are 35+. Individuals must be at least 13 years old to use IMVU.

What do you mean by virtual world?

A virtual world is a computer-based online community environment that is designed and shared by individuals so that they can interact in a custom-built, simulated world. Users interact with each other in this simulated world using text-based, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphical models called avatars.

Definition - What does Virtual World mean? click Here

What is a virtual game?

Virtual reality gaming is where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the game. (Click here for more information.)

How old do you have to be to have a Second Life account?

Teens in Second Life. Second Life is generally for adults 18 years and older; however, if you are 13 years of age or older you can use Second Life with some restrictions. If you're: 16-17 years old you can access regions and search results that have a General maturity rating.

How do you search for people on IMVU?

How to Look People Up on IMVU by Their Username

Visit IMVU and sign in to your account.

Hover your mouse pointer over "Community" at the top of the page. Click "People Search."

Scroll down to the "Find a Friend" section.

Click the drop-down menu and select "Avatar Name." Enter the avatar name of the person you want to find, and then click "Search."

How do you become an AP on IMVU?

Simply purchase them in the Credit store and then proceed to get Access Pass. Once you click on Buy Access Pass option, 20,000 Credits will be deducted from your IMVU account balance and you will be awarded Access Pass. You will receive a sticker and the AP badge will be displayed on your profile

Is the second life free?

First of all, Second Life is totally free. It will only cost you real dough if you decide to own or rent land or if you want in-game money to shop with. You can literally log in with a free account, make something wonderful in a community sandbox (an area that allows for temporary projects at no charge)

Is Second Life?

Second Life is an online virtual world, developed and owned by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab and launched on June 23, 2003. ... Second Life users (also called residents) create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and are able to interact with places, objects, and other avatars.

How much does it cost to play second life?

If you just want to explore Second Life, you can do it for free. A basic membership costs nothing and allows you to create an avatar and look around the world. If you want to buy land, you'll need to upgrade to a premium membership, which costs $9.95 a month.

How do you follow people on IMVU?

Click "Chat Rooms" on the Home screen to search for someone in a specific room. Enter the name of a chat room that a friend or other person you know frequents and then click "Search" to find the room. Click the room image to see a list of IMVU users currently in the room

What do you get with AP on IMVU?

The Access Pass, or AP, is an optional pass for the IMVU website. Purchasing the Access Pass is restricted to users who are 18 or older and grants access to a variety of additional, more mature content. Knowing exactly what you get from the Access Pass can help you decide whether it's worth buying for you.

What is a virtual game?

Virtual reality gaming is where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the game.

What is Sansar?

Sansar is our new platform for creating social VR experiences. Sansar will democratize VR as a creative medium, making it easy for people to create, share, and sell their own social VR experiences. Join the Creator Beta at

How much is a premium account in Second Life?

There are two different account types in Second Life. A premium account costs $9.95 a month (or $22.50 quarterly or $72.00 annually). Premium accounts enjoy the full benefits of SL, including being able to buy/own land and receiving a weekly stipend.

What does AP stand for in IMVU?

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:11 am Post subject: AP used to mean Adult Pass and that is what it was. Access Pass was what they sneakily changed it to when they started purging and disabling items in 2007. Before that IMVU advertised it as adult and that's what it was.

How much is access pass on IMVU?

The Age Verification Token can be purchased from IMVU for $5.00 and Access Pass can be purchased from IMVU for 20,000 Credits.

What is the game world?

A game world is an artificial universe, an imaginary place in which the events of the game occur. When the player enters the magic circle and pretends to be somewhere else, the game world is the place she pretends to be. Not all games have a game world

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