What you should know about Russian mail order brides

History Of Russian Mail Order Brides

Many people don’t fully understand the history of Russian mail order brides. The truth is, a mail order bride is simply a form of an arranged marriage. During the gold rush days, there were many men that went west to find their fortune. However, the women stayed behind.

Soon, there were more men in the west than women and the men were lonely. As time passed, the men hatched plans to find wives. Meanwhile, women in Russia were desperate to get out of their country and their poverty situations. So, a plan was hatched on their end as well.

A Russian Mail order Bride posing
This is pretty Russian mail order Bride posing here

Lonely men were seeking both company and comfort. A saloon girl could offer some comfort, but it certainly wasn’t what they were looking for. The soiled doves of the west weren’t the marrying type and the men were left even lonelier. Worse, the women in the East weren’t about to come out west because they were afraid of the hardships and the hard life that was being led.

So, advertisements were placed arranging marriages with women in Russia. These marriages were called Mail Order Brides and the women were very content to marry a man sight unseen. In fact, many were met at the stagecoach and led right to the altar.

Problems with arranged marriages

It was very common to arrange marriages in this era. Marriage was everything to these Russian women and the men were thrilled to be getting a wife. Often the women would write back and forth a few times, however, it wasn’t uncommon for only one letter to pass between them before a deal was made.

On rare occasion, a tragedy would happen and either the woman didn’t arrive or the man was killed before she arrived. However, there were always plenty of other men and women to replace those who perished prior to the wedding so it wasn’t taken too hard when something like this happened. Often, the intended didn’t even realize that they wound up with someone new. It wasn’t unheard of for the person to take on another person name and never let on.

Interestingly, the Russian Mail Order Brides business made an astonishing comeback in the 1980s. Men were curious about women of other cultures and still in poverty, these women wanted to find a better life.

A Serious Family Life

Most of the women are nurturing and loving and really desire a happy family life in a new culture. Sadly a few of them are only in it for the money and have no desire to really have a true relationship. All they want is to move to America.[Read;Why Consider Russian Women For The Marriage]

Even an arranged marriage can go awry. The couple may meet and decide that they’re not right for one another. Families may disagree on whether or not the couple should marry and cause issues. Contracts are becoming very strict to help alleviate any of these issues and to prevent the women from being deported once they’ve arrived in this country.

Russian Mail order Brides
Russian mail order Brides in sexy appearance

Thanks to the Internet, many are now able to converse online prior to the meeting and determine if they feel even an inkling of interest. This has helped to transform the practice and give it more clout. However, there are still pitfalls and just as the heavy veils worn in the Biblical times, the Internet can use cloaking methods and other pictures to make it appear that someone is someone else.[Read;What Is The Cost of Mailorder Bride?]

The best advice is for a man to fly to the country and retrieve his Russian Mail Order Brides himself and make sure that she is really who he thinks she is. This can be done discreetly and carefully if a man decides to go this route. While society has changed, mail order brides seem to be here to stay. As another form of arranged marriages, many still believe that this is the only way to go.[more Information;]

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