Panzar is a free to play CryEngine 3 powered team-based MMO developed by Panzar Studios. In Panzar players can choose from one of 8 different classes, each with their own unique abilities and combat styles. The available classes include Beserker and Tank for the Orcs, Paladin and Inquisitor for the Humans, Sorceress and Witch for the Elves, and finally Sapper and Gunner for the Dwarves. Some classes, like the Berserker, are suited for close combat, whereas others, like the Paladin, are intended for a support role. Characters are upgraded through new skills and abilities earned by leveling up. Experience is awarded for participation, such as dealing damage, getting kills, and completing objectives, with bonus experience awarded to the victors of each match.

Combat in Panzar is free-targeting, with damage based on the angle of attack. Players use the left mouse button for auto-attacks, and the right mouse button for power attacks. Using power attacks deals massive damage but drains your power bar, limiting usage. The power bar can be restored through certain abilities, or by waiting for it to refill naturally. Spells and abilities are cast using mana or action points, with the latter being earned through gameplay. Blocking is acheived with the control key, but the damage prevented is based on the angle of the incoming attack.

Panzar offers 4 different game modes, with unique maps for each. The game modes include Domination, in which players fight for control over a single point, King of the Hill, where players try to hold a point and defend it using various traps and barriers, Siege, where one team attacks multiple control points while the other team defends, and Meteor, where players search for an object and attempt to bring it to the enemy base.

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