9 Ways You Can Attract Russian Women

To attract Russian Women, you need to first understand her

You need Patience And Experience

If you’re a single man looking to attract Russian women, you need to understand how they think and how they work. There is a great deal of difference with what Russian women have come to expect versus what American women find acceptable. With that being said, nothing is impossible in the world of dating, and there are several ways that you can make yourself more attractive to a Russian woman by following the nine different tactics below!

1. Never appear to be desperate.

To attract Russian Women, you need to first understand her
To attract Russian Women, you need to first understand her

The number one way that you can lose the respect of any Russian woman is to appear desperate and possessive by making 10 phone calls a day in order to get her attention. This will also include letting her know that you are definitely ready for marriage and children on your first date because that shows desperation and takes it to a whole new level. When you want to attract Russian women, you need to act like a real winner and show that you’re a catch because every woman, whether Russian or otherwise, wants a man who has dating experience.

2. Don’t become too predictable.

Russian women don’t like predictable men. The number one reason that most relationships fail is due to a lack of anticipation and excitement. If you want to win the respect of any Russian woman, you need to mix things up in your relationship and always keep her on her toes. As you keep her guessing, you’ll win her attention and her respect.[Read;Defining What’s Special About Russian Women]

3. Show plenty of confidence and just go for it.

Most Russian women are extremely good looking and have plenty of men lining up to go on dates with them, but if you don’t make your move quickly enough, she may already be in a relationship with someone else. Be a real man and make your move as soon as you see her because it shows that you are confident, powerful, and charming. Keep in mind that no woman likes a man who doesn’t have the guts to lean in for that first kiss or even ask her out on a date.

4. Be different in your approach,to attract Russian Women.

There’s a good chance that the woman you have your eyes on has gotten several offers from other men to go on dates, but you need to stand out above the rest by showing her how truly creative you are. Offer to take her somewhere fun that no other man would suggest such as a bike ride in the park or a fascinating restaurant with interesting history. By showing a fun and playful side of yourself, you’re guaranteed to get her excited to spend time with you.[Read;How To Find Your Perfect Russian Woman]

5. Bring out the gentleman in you.

To attract Russian Women, you need to first understand her
To attract Russian Women, you need to first understand her

When you think about how to attract Russian women, take into consideration that women are always looking for classy and elegant men. They want to be in a relationship with a person who cares about their feelings and shows plenty of respect. Good manners such as opening doors and putting her first are all character traits that Russian women are constantly looking for in a man.

6. Show interest in her culture and language.

It’s understandable that no one can learn Russian overnight, but learning a few common phrases in Russian will certainly impress her and show that you’re serious about wanting a relationship. Don’t forget the importance of also studying up on the culture so that you can have something in common to talk about. You don’t need to learn all of the pickup lines and the usual things that you would say to women, but learning a few sentences on how to compliment her and share your feelings can win you plenty of points.

7. Show your optimistic and fun-loving side.

Let’s face it, no woman wants to date a man that’s constantly depressed and pessimistic about their outlook on life. If you want to know how to attract Russian women, have an optimistic nature and have a clear image of what you want to get out of life. Anything that shows her that you know how to have fun, but you can also be serious at the same time is attractive.

8. Don’t be cocky in your encounters.

Many men make the mistake of thinking that being confident is almost the same as being cocky and narcissistic. Plenty of guys create a fake persona around themselves where they hit on several women at the same time or pretend to be a ladies’ man, which is exactly what Russian women aren’t looking for in a man. The bottom line is that you should show your emotional side and also let her know that you can devote yourself to her and give her the care she needs because her feelings are top priority.

9. Financial stability is a must.

Even though very few people really want to talk about their finances, nothing is sexier to women than a man who has a career and is financially stable enough to provide for her in the near future. You may only be looking for a fling right now, but do take into consideration that having a good career also adds confidence to your personality.

As long as you follow the nine different tactics described above, there’s a very good chance that you’ll meet the Russian woman of your dreams. It can be said that almost all women want the same things: a man who’s​ romantic, confident, financially stable, and has good manners. Always remember that there is a fine line between being cocky and confident because women love one but not the other! [Read more]